ROTARY BOWELSCAN program in District 9650, will commence Saturday May 2, in other areas may be a week later.
Bowelscan kits will be available at local pharmacies during month of May and will also be available at shopping centres at stands conducted by Rotarians for first week in May.

Over 15,000 Australians are now diagnosed with Bowel Cancers each year and it is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer. Over 4000 of those diagnosed with bowel cancer will prove fatal..

This year new kits are simple, highly accurate and require no diet or medication restrictions. Tests are conducted in privacy of own home and are then placed in envelope provided and posted to testing laboratory.
They are not to be returned to local pharmacies.

All participants will be notified of their results as well as reported to your local Doctor. People over age of 40 are strongly advised to undertake this simple procedure. People of any age may participate.

“Because of the Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) regulations we are legally not able to test 2014 Bowelscan kits.
If you wish to participate in the 2015 Rotary District 9650 Bowelscan program we strongly advise you to purchase and complete one of our current kits.

These kits that will be available in May are simple to use. There are no restrictions on diet, you can have an underdone steak or whatever meat you like while undertaking this test.

May 2 2015 - 09:00