Profile Lorraine Coffey

DG Lorraine COFFEY (Dennis Chellingsworth)
Rotary Club of Armidale AM
(H) 6772 7833
(M) 0427 778 916

Lorraine joined Rotary in January, 1992, when her newly-formed Armidale AM club made the decision to invite women members. She was the club’s first woman President in 1995 and held the position again, 20 years later, in 2015. She has served the club in a number of positions over the years in Club Service, Membership, Public Relations, Bulletin Editor, YEP Counsellor and served in these positions several times.

At District level, Lorraine was on the selection committee for Group Study Exchange for three years; chair of the Public Speaking Competition for four years; member of the District Conference Committee in 2000; and chair of the Conference Committee in 2005. In 2012, Lorraine took on the role of District PR Director, and was successful in applying for a Rotary International PR Grant.  Her marketing plan included a newspaper campaign titled ‘The Face of Rotary’ in which 33 district Rotarians told readers in their communities why they were Rotarians.  It also included a billboard campaign on the Pacific and New England highways, promoting the fact that ‘We Are This Close’ to ending polio around the world. 

Channel 7 presenter Kylie Gillies lent her face to this campaign.

Lorraine held the PR position for two years during which time also wrote ‘How To Make Contact With the Media’, a guide for PR directors at club level. She will serve as Assistant Governor in 2016-17 as well as District Governor Nominee.

Paul Harris recognition was given to Lorraine following her year as President in 1995. A first sapphire was added when she chaired the District Conference Committee in 2005 and a second sapphire was presented in recognition for her role as District PR Director.

Lorraine’s career has been in newspapers; the past 30 years in newspaper management after starting her career as an advertising consultant. Before her retirement in 2013, she managed a group of newspapers for Fairfax Media in Armidale, Guyra and Walcha.  Dennis also spent his working life in newspapers as a journalist and editor.

Lorraine and Dennis have been together for 35 years.  Originally from Rockhampton, the past 25 years have been spent in Armidale.  Lorraine has three children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  Dennis has been adopted by them all.

Lorraine and Dennis have participated in five Friendship Exchanges and attended five International Conventions. They have hosted many YEP students, as well as Group Study and Friendship Exchange team members over many years and, as a result, have formed friendships around the world.